How will I know if Managing Medicine is really doing a good job?

Malini is always available to discuss Managing Medicine’s service. We have a commitment to service, meaning we respond to queries on the same day. With reports based on your specific needs, we can track our performance as well as that of your practice in real time based against profession-standard and agreed metrics.

Will I have to turn over control of all billing and my money?

You will always have control over your own billing and your own money. But with Managing Medicine on board, you’ll have a much better day-to-day understanding of your financial position and a qualified and specialised financial professional in your corner. Managing Medicine takes advantage of the latest advances in online and digital systems to increase the security of your financial operations – for example, you can choose whether to post, fax or MMS patient stickers to Managing Medicine, while payments for your Medicare ECLIPSE claims are paid into your bank account directly.  Where the patient pays a gap, we will receive that payment on your behalf.

Are there any start–up fees?

At Managing Medicine, we believe we offer a professional, good value service. We want you to continue using our service because you want to. Therefore, there are no lock in contracts. You are free to cancel at any time. We don’t get paid until you get paid, and there are no restrictions on billing volume. Our billing fees are based on a transparent percentage of the total billed amounts – read more here. Call us now to receive an individual quote for our risk free fixed-price bookkepping service, based on your unique needs.

What do you need from us to get started?

We will request you to fill out a form with all your practice details, once we receive it, we will fill out all the necessary forms and submit them to the Medicare and Private Health Insurers.

How soon can I start sending through my billing sheets?

As soon as we receive your registration form.

What if patients don’t pay?

We follow up all outstanding accounts with three phone calls and three emails before escalating the matter. As a result, our bad debt rate is less than 0.5 per cent. If the benefits have not been reclaimed after the three attempts detailed above, the invoice will be referred back to you.  At that point you are free to either mark the invoice settled or to pursue the matter through an external debt collector. We will assist in the transfer and track the results.